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Creative Garden Mosaics

Author: Jill MacKay Lark Books, 2004

Jill's book, Creative Garden Mosaics, in its second printing, published by Lark Books, secures her a place as a respected author. It is sought after not only for its comprehensive technical knowledge but also for its unique approach to strong project design.

As a writer, MacKay regularly contributes her designs and educational content to publishers for books and national magazines. MacKay's work has been published in over a dozen books and in over thirty magazines nationwide.

Going beyond the ordinary: these 22 garden-enhancing projects, from pillar planters and shrines to tabletops and flowerpots, all feature the most dazzling designs. Some use ceramic tile and pebbles, others stained glass and colored mirror, and still more showcase shimmering jewels.

A richly illustrated section on the fundamental tools, techniques (transferring patterns, cutting shapes, grouting), and materials (tesserae, glass tile) will get beginners started so they can experience the creative pleasure of constructing a variety of eye-catching items. 

Mosaics: The Pattern Companion

Author: Jill MacKay, 2005

Mosaics for the garden; mosaics to complete in a single afternoon; mosaics with a contemporary flair, made from polymer clay — these creative projects offer mosaicists an exciting choice of innovative techniques and styles to work with. The projects range from simple to complex. They include a clock, mirrors, frames, a lovely flamingo design, a stained glass lampshade, picture under glass mosaic, dog portrait, cake stand, house number, mosaic accent brick, looking glass garden stake, strawberry planter with attached teacups and creamers, and a lot more.

Handcrafted frames

Contributor: Jill MacKay, 2002

Transform ho-hum frames into exquisite showpieces with the eye-catching, easy-to-make projects in this book! From fast and simple to stylish and smart, these frames are great for gift giving and perfect for adding a personal touch. Many designs are so simple, they can be completed in an hour or two.

Seventeen projects include a shimmery mosaic frame, a sophisticated leopard-print frame, and an embossed metal frame. Dress up ready-made frames, make custom-fit frames, or turn old frames into new conversation pieces. Embellish with items already on hand, such as beads, chains, paints, sequins, trims, and fabric scraps. Easy techniques for all skill levels include embossing, laminating, and personalizing frames with computer images

Handcrafted Frames features projects from well-known designers including Jill MacKay, Livia McRee, Genevieve Sterbenz, Mary Ann Hall, and Dawn Anderson.

Layer by Layer

Collage Projects for Home Decorating

Contributor: Jill MacKay, 2004

Blend images, colors, and materials to create lovely, lavish layers! This sophisticated style only seems difficult to duplicate — these home-decor projects reveal how easy it is to master the art. Choose from more than 15 projects including a floral lampshade, love-letter pillow, and mosaic luminary.

Creating Fantastic Vases

Contributor: Jill MacKay, 2003

More than 140 photos and drawings show just how beautiful a vase can be. Ten talented designers demonstrate that they can be simple to make too: they've created 50 bold, playful, and striking designs that even a beginning crafter can handle. Just start with a mass-produced vase or container, and embellish in a variety of ways

Holidays at Home

Crafts to Celebrate the Season

Contributor: Jill MacKay 2004

A shimmering ornament, a welcoming table, a colorful stocking, a hand-wrapped gift — these traditional symbols give Christmas its sparkle. Now you can create your own handmade touches for the holidays with this collection of simple, stylish projects. Twenty projects are organized into three sections: Around the Tree, Around the Table, and Around the House. Choose from projects such as ornaments, a tree skirt, a table runner, painted mugs, and etched glassware. Learn sewing, painting, beading, collage, and other easy-to-master techniques.

Hocus Pocus

Halloween Crafts

Contributor: Jill MacKay, 2003

Host a magical Halloween with this collection of frightfully fun crafts! Most of these projects can be completed in an afternoon, from shimmering beaded spiderwebs to party crackers that open with a loud "pop!" to reveal a gush of goodies. Use easy sewing, stamping, and painting techniques to make 20 projects.

Decorate with mosaic lanterns, cauldron-shaped candles, and a festive banner for the front door. Conjure up the perfect party with stylish invitations, etched glasses, pumpkin placemats, and candy-coated pretzels. Hocus Pocus! features projects from several well-known designers, including Jill MacKay and Dawn Anderson.

101 Gorgeous Earrings

Contributor: Jill MacKay, 2008

If variety is the spice of life, this earring collection adds plenty of zest! Here in one volume is an exciting assortment of earring styles by leading designers. If you're looking for inspiration, just browse through these beautiful photographs. You'll soon see your bead stash sparkling with new possibilities!

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