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My Trip to Arizona

I just had a wonderful 3 weeks in AZ which was just fantastic & warm! I got to stay with my brother Kenny and sister-in-law Anne while working at the CREATIVATION show 2017 which was at the Phoenix convention center. I was in the Sizzix booth helping to represent my line of dies and the rest of the new jewelry program they have created.

In the Sizzix booth at 2017 Creativation

Here is Jo Packham  who gave me the wonderful opportunity to be in Where Women Create Magazine. She is really an amazing woman. Love her!

Joe Packham Editor in Chief at Where Women Create!

Here are some of my favorite friends Tamara Honaman, Kristal Wick and Kellie DeFires

The girls!

Next it was off to Prescott to visit Katie Hacker at Halstead Beads where she now works. Wow what a great place, both the location and the company. Such good people, great studio, wonderful products!  Really a wonderful trip.

We love Halstead!

THEN IT WAS TIME FOR THE TUCSON GEM SHOW! WHOOT! Tammy and I rented a sweet little place right on the river walk and it is always so nice to have a place with a dear friend to come home and make ourselves at home after long days of working. I make it sound grueling, when in fact it is one of my favorite things each and every year that I get to do. I am blessed. So I am just going to barrage you with photos now so you can get a small glimpse of the week in Tucson.

While in Tucson we always do the wonderful fundraiser with Katie at Beads of Courage!

Making bracelets at the BOC fundraiser!

I love these women and my life!

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